Lucrative Territories

usa_mapHome Health Care is one of the fast growing businesses in the service sector and this growth is projected to continue  in upcoming decades. On average, 4000 to 5000 new employees are added each month to the home health care workforce according to the Department of Labor.

An entrepreneur seeking to purchase a home health care franchise faces numerous critical decisions as to which home care franchise they should buy. Among the most critical, is where to open their business.

During the past three to four years, while many franchisors have been aggressively marketing and adding new franchisees, the available territories they are offering have been progressively shrinking.

Accessible has maintained very controlled growth and we have dedicated our resources in supporting our franchisees and expanding the services they offer to their patients.

Accessible is at this stage poised to offer its unique opportunity to a select group of entrepreneurs best qualified to succeed.

Accessible has the greatest number of most lucrative territories available for new franchisees. At Accessible we realize the best business model can only succeed in a territory containing the required demographics to succeed.

Please contact us to discuss the available lucrative territories in your market.

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