Accessible Home Health Care Franchise Guide

AccessEdge© is our brand name and proven system of procedures that will make you an independent, profitable owner and maximize your ROI. AccessEdge gives your business the competitive advantage of working with industry experts who provide compassionate care to all of our patients.

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Once you research, ask questions and compare, you will trust your success to our AccessEdge©.

Mirella Salem

Mirella Salem


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Overview of AccessEdge© Services

Through our AccessEdge Services we will assist you with:

  • Customized advertisements
  • Individualized webpages
  • E-marketing support
  • Billing & quality assurance
  • Claim recertification
  • Remote care management
  • Access Vet Benefits
  • State-of-the-art home care software
  • Access to business insurance

The Accessible Home Health Care Franchise Model

Jumpstart your franchise quickly with our Bullseye model.

We use a unique approach that identifies industry opportunities, like chronic and long-term patient care, to provide steady cashflow and generate revenue immediately.

As the level of care you are approved to provide expands, we use additional referral sources to help your business grow.

The Accessible Home Health Care model was simple to implement. The BullsEye approach to marketing has allowed me to successfully grow my unit.

Tony Callaway

Owner: Mid Carolina, North Carolina

Our Competitive Advantage System for Franchisees


As a full-service home health care company, we provide medical and non-medical home health care, care management, and staffing services to ensure immediate and future growth.

We go beyond industry leadership by continually researching, developing, and testing new home health care services that our franchisees can offer to their clients. This results in additional, ongoing revenue streams that increase the value of your business.


We provide step-by-step guidance which includes initial practical training. Our detailed manuals help you manage your business and deliver all levels of care successfully.

You don’t need a background in healthcare to get started: our training and support are thorough and available on an as-needed basis.


Our Proprietary Business Management Systems are designed for efficiency, allowing you to maximize both your quality of care and your profits.

"AccessSyst" is a business system designed to efficiently manage patient charts, caregiver records, scheduling, billing, and account receivable. It also allows you to track your sales and referral sources.

"AccessScan" is a one-step, HIPAA compliant, digital communication software. Our custom program allows you to take all billing documents, easily convert them electronically, and send them to our corporate office.


Throughout the certification & licensing process, our professional established infrastructure assists you in the coordination of:

  • Obtaining State Licensure
  • Acquiring Accreditation
  • Securing Medicare Provider status, where available
  • Insurance company credentialing

We also customize manuals for licensing, accreditation, and specialized care programs.

Exploration Day

Discover your future at our Exploration Day! We’ll get to know each other and discuss your franchising goals. Exploration Day is a unique opportunity for you to connect individually with our senior management team, and personally with CEO and Co-Founder Aarif Dahod, as we work together toward making your Accessible franchise a reality.

We believe it’s important to spend quality time and to provide you with insights and information that will help you in the decision-making process. We will address your specific questions and make sure you feel confident if you choose to franchise with us.

Hear What Our Franchisees Have to Say About Accessible


Selecting Your Accessible Franchise

The following section provides valuable, specific, and detailed information to help you select an Accessible franchise.

Level of Home Health Care Services You Can Provide

Under our business model, our franchisees access multiple revenue streams to include private pay, insurance, and government payers. The key to continuous growth in the home health care business is the ability to expand services and revenue sources.

The majority of the 70 billion dollar home care industry consists of government and insurance payers. To capitalize on the full potential of your business and experience sustainable return on your investment, you must be certified and licensed to access insurance networks and government programs. We assist with both.

National Advertising Funds

Accessible Home Health Care services are predominantly locally researched and acquired. Our model concentrates on our franchisees expanding their marketing dollars toward local referral sources. We, at corporate, allocate funds for national marketing and advertising campaigns.

Royalty Fees

We charge five percent royalty on gross revenues. We have confidence in our system and know that our success is embedded in your success, so we do not charge minimum monthly royalty fees, regardless of your revenue.

We also do not charge additional royalty fees for the business generated from national agreements and alliances.

Business Management System

We have a proprietary business management system for the day-to-day operations of a home health care company. Our “AccessSyst” system efficiently administers all home health care management functions.

Level of Franchisee Support

Our franchise operations support team consists entirely of home health care professionals with extensive practical experience in all facets of the home health care business. We have the highest per capita ratio of experienced home health care support staff to franchisees in the industry.

Training conducted by our executive management team is practical, focusing on the day-to-day aspects of operating a successful business.

We provide unlimited operational support at no additional fees. Our success is based on proactive support rather than strictly relying on our franchisees contacting us.

Our model is designed for us and our franchisees to achieve our founding objective to be the best full-service home health care system in the industry.

Expanding Revenue

We are continually developing, testing, and implementing new services at our incubator units. These units are developing new services to provide and establish new revenue sources designed to enhance the value of your home health care business over the next 3, 5, 7, and 10 years.

Demands of the home health care industry are expanding rapidly. Payers are increasing the required credentials to be an approved provider. Multidimensional providers such as ours will continue to be approved and sustain long-term success.

Home Health Care Licensing

As a franchisee, you will be licensed to provide all levels of care (medical and non-medical) that are available in your state. Accessible will customize required policy and procedures manuals at no additional fees.

We have the infrastructure and in-house expertise to coordinate and assist you in acquiring all available State Licenses, Joint Accreditation, and available Medicare Provider Certification.

Our Quality Assurance/Billing service ensures the accuracy of all documentation to be digitally submitted to the payers for expedited payment.

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